Curriculum - Music

Our aim is to provide our children with an engaging, exciting and empowering Music curriculum that equips them with a variety of skills and an appreciation of the impact on them that music can bring, that enriches their lives. We endeavor to widen their musical experiences and give them the opportunities in the learning of instruments and in performance playing music and singing to a variety of audiences.  PROMOTE CREATIVITY, UNIQUE CHILD, REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES


At Marlborough, we use the Charanga Music Program. Pupils from Year 2 to Year 6 have instrumental tuition delivered by a specialist music teacher. The Music Curriculum, delivered through a session weekly, is for all year groups across the school. Regularity of teaching is important to the skills development. We give the children a wide variety of experiences singing and performing, including whole class instrumental lessons. Pupils are regularly given the opportunity to perform individually and as part of a group in whole school assemblies, Christmas productions, in performances to parents, in the local community visiting Devonport Views Residential home, in the Lord Majors carol service annually, in Music festivals and competitions. Visits to the Welsh National Opera and Royal Marine Band. Through the Charanga program, over time, children develop new musical skills and concepts. They also revisit established musical skills and concepts. It enables them to re-enforce their musical understanding in order to improve the quality of their musicianship. To achieve mastery means gaining both a deeper understanding of musical skills and concepts and learning something new. Teach not 1 but 3 instruments – recorder, ukulele to clarinet.


The Musical Learning Focus from each Unit of Work progress to the Expected Musical Learning Outcomes for the End of Year. The children will be able to demonstrate their learning as they work towards the End of Key Stage Expectations.

The outcomes fulfil the End of Key Stage Expectations, which are in line with national attainment targets for music.

Each Unit of Work has a focus - an ongoing musical learning focus, a unit-specific focus:

In Key Stage 1 & 2 children are:

  • Learning new musical skills/concepts and revisiting them: Listen & Appraise, Musical

Activities - Games, Singing, Playing, Notation, Performing, Improvisation and Composition.

  • Unit-specific focus - Musical skills/concepts that may be discrete to a particular unit and style focus.

The Music Curriculum develops pupils understanding of specific musical vocabulary progressively,


The music curriculum is taught weekly in an hour session for all classes from Reception to Year 6. Children in Year 2 upwards learn a musical instrument as a whole class. This includes: recorder, ukulele, clarinet with instruments supplied by Plymouth Youth Music and the guitar and keyboards/piano.


Monitor demonstrates the positive impact that music has on the children at Marlborough. Pupils tell us that they enjoy music lessons. Pupils tell us that they enjoy the challenge learning and instrument and singing brings them. It encourages the children to develop the learning dispositions of visible learning through the 6 identified learning dispositions, which underpin the ethos of learning at Marlborough whereby we strive to: Persevere, be Imaginative, be an Explorer, are Prepared, we are Collaborative, being Ambitious.

Children in KS2 have taken part in music festivals and competitions developing their performance skills, while motivating and raising their self-esteem. In Autumn 2 2021, one of our Year 6 pupils achieved 'Gold', coming first in a music festival, playing the guitar. He also then performed to the whole school, who gave overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Areas of Strength

  •        Use of a comprehensive music program
  •        Regularity of the teaching – development of skills
  •        Specialist teacher form Year 2 to Year 6 – core of the music curriculum taught by an expert 
  •        Instrumental tuition
  •        Participation is a variety of music events/performances
  •        2 instruments taught – secondary ready – ability to read music notation - secondary ready.
  •        In the process of achieving the Arts Mark.