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Marlborough Primary Academy - Senior Leadership Team
  • Mrs Green


  • Mr Dore

    Deputy Head Teacher & KS2 Lead

  • Mrs Perez

    Early Years & KS1 Lead

  • Mrs Hackworthy

    SEND Lead

Marlborough Primary Academy Local Governing Board


Welcome from the Chair

Welcome, as Chair of Governors I have great pleasure in telling you a little about Marlborough Primary.  Marlborough is situated in the heart of the Devonport community with strong links to the UTC and other Secondary schools in the area.  This enables the school to support your son or daughter to make decisions about their future school and career paths.  The curriculum focuses on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths) as well as other critical subjects to support our children's development and learning. 

What we do:

Marlborough governors provide support and advice to the Senior Leadership Teams as well as monitoring the school's achievements and challenging decisions.

We provide:

* Overview and scrutiny of the management of the academy:

*Policy development for the academy where this has been delegated to us from the Trust; scrutiny of policy compliance by the academy where policy is set by the Trustees;

* Championship of the academy and its leaders;

* Engagement with the parents of pupils and the wider community.


We do this by:

* Holding 3 meetings per year to discuss the school, their achievements and areas of need, the policies and

* Visiting the school and observing lessons and the school in action.

* Talking to the pupils, parents, and staff to find out their views.

* Attending training to extend our skills and knowledge.


Marlborough Primary Academy  Local Governing Board 2022/23

Andy Dore

Staff Governor

05.10.20 - 04.10.24

Pecuniary Interest - None

Jackie Green



Pecuniary Interest - None

Jane Greenwood

Staff Governor

24.11.21 - 23.11.25

Pecuniary Interest - None

Rev Michael Shaw

Trust Appointed Governor

01.01.17 -   16.11.25

(2nd term - reappointed on 17.11.21)

 Pecuniary Interest - Trustee of Devonport Baptist Church

David Skinner

Chair of Governors - Trust Appointed

01.01.17 -   16.11.25

(2nd term - reappointed on 17.11.21)

Member of a working group committee for Abbey Hall (St Andrew's Church) (Jul 22) and spouse is an employee at Marlborough Primary

Adam White

Parent Governor

24.11.21 - 23.11.25

Pecuniary Interest - Spouse is an employee at the school



 Mrs. L. Johnson (Clerk to Governors)

The Chair of the Local Governing Body can be contacted by email via the clerk :  

or via the schools offices on 01752 567681. 

  • Mr Andy Dore

    Staff Governor

    Term: 05.10.20 - 04.10.24
    Responsibility : Staff Governor
    Attendance 2022-23: 1/2
    Registered Interests: None

  • Mr Robert Envy

    Trust Appointed Governor

    Term: 15.12.21 - 14.12.25
    Responsibility : Quality of Education
    Attendance 2022-23:2/2
    Registered Interests: Daughter is an employee at the School

    I was born in Gateshead in 1960 and after leaving school I joined the Royal Navy in 1977. My career has spanned 44 years 29 full time and 14 in reserve to where I am now as an Officer of the Watch at HMS Drake, responsible for security and general duties especially out of hours. My career took me to most places in the world and war zones, Falklands, The Gulf of Oman and Bosnia.

    I do enjoy being outside and dabble a lot with the garden and I volunteer at Marlborough Street Primary school and help with keeping the grounds tidy. I enjoy swimming and kayaking and the odd game of golf. I recently completed a Swimming Pool Lifeguard qualification.

    I hope to bring my life skills to be Governor, I have the school at heart as my volunteering has made a small difference. I have a common sense approach to problems and hope my life experiences will be an asset. This will be a new challenge for me always with the school at heart.

    I have been married to Irene for 41 years and we have 2 children Andrew and Gemma. We also have 4 gorgeous Grand Children Jack, Harry, Amelia and Ethan.

  • Mrs Jackie Green


    Term: 01.09.22
    Responsibility: Whole School
    Attendance 2022-23: 2/2
    Registered Interests: None

    I am an experienced Headteacher having undertaken three previous successful Headships of schools in Hampshire and Bournemouth. Before becoming a Headteacher I had been a teacher governor for over 8 years. I strongly believe in ensuring that the needs of the children are put at centre stage ensuring that we expect the best from them and provide them with a range of opportunities to shine.

  • Jane Greenwood

    Staff Governor

    Term: 24.11.21 - 23.11.25
    Responsibility: Staff Governor
    Attendance 2022-23: 2/2
    Registered Interests: None

  • Rev Michael Shaw

    Trust Appointed Governor

    Term: 01.01.17 - 11.05.26 (2nd term - reappointed on 12.05.22)
    Responsibility: SEND and Inclusion and Early Years
    Attendance 2022-23: 2/2
    Registered Interests: Trustee of Devonport Baptist Church

    Michael is the Minister of Devonport Baptist Church, and a chaplain at the University of Plymouth. He is passionate that all children should get a holistic education, meeting their academic, physical, mental and spiritual needs. He enjoys Cricket and Rugby and spending time with his family.

  • David Skinner

    Chair and Trust Appointed Governor

    Term (2nd term): 01.01.17 - 16.11.25 (2nd term - reappointed on 17.11.21)
    Responsibility: Chair, Leadership & Management, Quality of Education, Personal Development and Safeguarding
    Attendance 2022-23: 2/2
    Registered Interests: Committee member for Abbey Hall, St. Andrew's Church (Jul 22), and Spouse is an employee of the school (2015)

    My name is David Skinner, and you may see me around the school often as I am involved in supporting the fantastic parent group for as many events as I can. I have worked locally as an Engineering Manager for the last 18 years, have a military background and have been involved in school governance for 30 years, starting as a primary school Parent Governor for my children (the youngest now is 27!). I was asked a few years ago to be a Governor at Marlborough Primary Academy, co-opted from industry. My primary role now is chair of governors supporting the senior leadership team deliver the best opportunities for your children . This extends to being a critical friend to the management team and ensuring safeguarding and the welfare of the staff are looked after. I'm an enthusiastic supporter of the school in how they develop, teach and support families and children throughout their school career. I am married to Denise, the Parent Support Advisor, and have 4 adult children and 6 grandchildren who all keep me very busy.

  • Adam White

    Parent Governor

    Term: 24.11.21 - 23.11.25
    Responsibility : Behaviour and Attitudes and Personal Development
    Attendance 2022-23: 2/2
    Registered Interests: Spouse is an employee at Marlborough Primary

    I was born in Freedom Fields, Plymouth in 1982. At turning 16 I got my first job in my local Plymco and Normans – now known as a Co-op supermarket. I have now worked for the Co-op for a total of 23 years, with 13 years as a store manager in multiple stores located around the city of Plymouth. My position as store manager has allowed me to interact and support multiple charities across the city. In 2018, I was offered the opportunity to complete a Degree Apprenticeship with the Co-op. In October 2021 I gained an honours degree in Management and Leadership as well as obtaining my chartered management status. In 2021, I started a secondment in another area of the business and have spent the last 12 months working within Supply Chain, as a Portfolio Analyst. A summary of this role was to make informed decisions by the analysis and interpretation of data. It was my job to support the majority of Co-ops located in tourist locations across Cornwall and Devon.

    In my personal life, I have been married for over 12 years and I have two children. My hobbies include spending quality time with my family, exploring outdoor areas, visiting national trust areas and a keen interest in technology. I hope all my past experiences and skillset will add value to my position of governor.

Marlborough Primary Local Governing Body Meetings 2022-23:
Wednesday 9th November 2022
Wednesday 8th February 2023
Wednesday 7th June 2023
Governors who have left the Local Governing Board over the past 12 months:
 Robert Envy - 15.12.21 - 07.03.23
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