Curriculum - RSHE



Through our RSHE curriculum, we endeavour to encourage our children to manage feelings in a positive and effective way. The curriculum supports them to recognise their own worth and that of others They begin to share their views and opinions, progressing to them expressing their views confidently, and listen to and show respect for the views of others even if they differ from their own. We encourage them to set themselves goals and help them identify ways of facing new challenges. They can discuss some of the bodily and emotional changes they will experience, and can demonstrate some ways of dealing with these in a positive way. We support and encourage children to make choices about how to develop healthy lifestyles. We want our children to be able to make judgements and decisions and can build up strategies to resist negative peer pressure around issues affecting their health and well-being.

Due to the drug culture in the school locality we ensure children learn about keeping themselves safe with regard to commonly available substances and drugs that are legal and illegal, and can describe some of the effects and risks of these. We want our children to be able to identify and explain how to manage the risks in different familiar situations. Children can explain how their actions have consequences for themselves and others. They can describe the nature and consequences of bullying, and can express ways of responding to it. They can identify different types of relationship and can show ways to maintain good relationships. They can respond to, or challenge, negative behaviours such as stereotyping and aggression. They can describe some of the different beliefs and values in society, and can demonstrate respect and tolerance towards people different from themselves. They can talk about a range of jobs, and explain how they will develop skills to work in the future. 


 RSHE is part of the ethos of our nurturing school and will be referred to as part of the children’s learning, as a consequence of issues and situations as they arise across the school. At Marlborough, we integrate much of the Relationships & Health Education curriculum through other curriculum areas and topic themes: Science, RE, PE, History and Geography, such as debating events in history in terms of whether decisions made in the past were morally okay and in Geography and Science discussions regarding effects on the environment and climate change.

 RSHE is also part of whole school/ class assemblies and through class Circle Times. We started using the PSHE Association Thematic Planning in Summer 2021, to coincide with the introduction of the new Statutory RSHE guidance. 


A RSHE units are planned to be taught every term and linked to topic themes e.g. History/RE Year 6 – Discussions about the Holocaust. RSHE Assembly Themes planned across the year. Celebration of significant days in the UK. 

The 3 Areas covered by the RHSE planning are:

  •        Health & Well-being
  •        Relationships
  •        Living in the Wider World 



  •        Monitoring of RSHE lessons demonstrates that children are more-able to share their opinions, ideas, observations and experiences . Through the learning of ‘Talk Rules’ and using ‘Sentence Stems (Oracy Project), children are able to listen to others opinions and respect views that may differ from their own, using the language of debate. Children discuss ideas an opinions looking at dilemmas regarding everyday life in English lessons.
  •        Through Focus Group Discussions in vertical groups from across the school, children have the opportunity to share their views and opinions on a variety of subjects – Reading & Books (World Book Day).
  •        Year 1 & 2 were able to discuss healthy food choices after their Science theme about Healthy Bodies
  •        Through observations in upper KS2 Science – pupils were able to share their experiences regarding physical changes to humans as they go through puberty – Summer 2021 (Year 6)
  •        Children can articulate about how they can keep themselves safe through healthy Relationships – as observed in all year groups by CAPUK Summer 2019 workshops and the NSPCC 'Speak Out Stay Safe' Assemblies and workshops Summer/Autumn 2021.
  •        Children across the school are able to talk about E Safety (Computing), the risks involved and how they can keep themselves safe (Monitoring November 2021)
  •        Through recent Pupil Voice monitoring regarding Bullying – following Anti-Bullying week, children from across the school were able to say what they would do if they/or their friends were being bullied.
  •        Through the Assembly – Developing Talents, the children have been sharing their Talents in the KS2 assembly. The children have been setting themselves challenges to improve themselves and developing their self-esteem, when sharing in front of the children in assembly.
  •     Children have taken part in the 'Moths to a Flame', climate change project, with their moth creations being displayed at COP26 in Glasgow, November 2021. They understand the importance of the impacts humans can have on the wider world. 
  • The children in Year 4/5 took part in the 'Mini Police' project in summer 2021, and know the importance of communities working together to make our world a better place to live in.
  •        RSHE encourages the children to develop the learning dispositions of visible learning through the 6 identified learning dispositions, which underpin the ethos of learning at Marlborough whereby we strive to: Persevere, be Imaginative, be an Explorer, are Prepared, we are Collaborative, being Ambitious.