Curriculum - Computing

At Marlborough Primary Academy, we see the teaching of Computing as an integral part of the school curriculum.  Our school uses Purple Mash to support the learning of each strand of the Computing curriculum. Each child has a log in and password to use at school and at home meaning children can access their school work at home as a way of extending their Computing learning. Purple Mash also offers opportunities for children to complete cross curricular work, helping to embed their Computing skills at every opportunity. 

We understand the immense value technology plays in supporting the Computing and whole school curriculum, day-to-day life of our school and also the increasing role it plays in our pupils’ lives as they grow older. We believe that technology can provide: enhanced collaborative learning opportunities; better engagement of pupils; easier access to rich content; support conceptual understanding of new concepts and can support the needs of all our pupils.

Our aim is for all our pupils to develop their computational thinking skills and creativity. At the core of the Computing curriculum lies computer science. Our children are able to build on their knowledge using information technology skills and by becoming computer literate. The use of Purple Mash across the school underpins the curriculum needs for all of these areas. Where possible, links are made to each class topic. 


Computing at Marlborough is taught in a number of ways.

 In the Early Years the approach is through cross-curricular learning with an emphasis on hands on experiences. Computing and technology are vitally important subjects to deliver to Reception children. Not only will teaching a well-planned Computing curriculum ensure that children enter Year 1 with a strong foundation of knowledge, but Computing lessons in the EYFS also ensure that children develop listening skills, problem-solving abilities and thoughtful questioning — as well as improving subject skills across the seven areas of learning.  We live in a technological world and there is no escape from the reality that technology is integrated into the lives of young children. Just as we ensure the children in our care are ready for the adult world by teaching them maths and literacy, we should also make sure that they are fluent in computer literacy and all-important e-safety. 

From Year One upwards, we use Purple Mash as a cohesive scheme of work addressing the statutory aspects of the National Curriculum. As a school, we believe in delivering fun and engaging lessons which help to raise standards and allow all pupils to achieve to their full potential. By Year Six, our pupils are given more freedom to use other Computing tools e.g. coding using ‘Scratch’. 

All Computing lessons begin with the children acknowledging the online safety rules which are adhered to across the school community.