ReachSouth Multi Academy Trust

Reach South Academy Trust


 On the 1st January 2017 Marlborough Primary Academy joined Reach South Academy Trust.  Ambition for all our children is a must but we are driven by a core values for our Trustees, staff, and the children we serve. These are:


  • Inclusion. Reach South is for all children. We recognise that some children will face greater barriers to their learning and development than others. We are committed to helping all children, particularly the most vulnerable, to overcome these so that they can grow and thrive to be well rounded, healthy, educated citizens.


  • Promoting social mobility. This is a fundamental driver for Reach South. Education gives children choices. We expect the high standards for every child- high standards of educational achievement; social skills and interpersonal skills; communication skills; of critical thinking, problem solving and creativity; and understanding of society, economy, environment and an appreciation of contribution and participation.


  • Serving our local communities. Children’s education cannot be isolated from their social context and, in particular, their family and peer environment. Our schools must be about their local communities –being part of them, promoting high standards for all children and community cohesion To raise a child’s aspirations beyond their expectations, we must also raise the aspiration of their families and communities. Each of our academies will ensure that the curriculum reflects the needs and uniqueness of its community.


  • Believing in the potential of our young people. Aspiration is a precursor to self - improvement; it is not sufficient in itself but limited aspiration will limit achievement. It is our duty to believe in the potential of all of our children and to make that belief infectious. We need the community to believe in their children, and we need the children to believe in themselves. Aspiration itself becomes a driver and a motivator for educational achievement and personal success.


  • Preparing tomorrow’s adults to contribute to social, economic, environmental and cultural sustainable development. We educate children to improve their own life chances and opportunities, but we also educate them as trusted members of a community and a global society.
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