Years 3/4

Welcome to 3/4F

Its so exciting, there is so much to learn !

 We are ‘reaching for the stars’ in 3/4F ! 

But we are not there yet…

 We are ambitious, explorers who persevere and work collaboratively.  We are prepared to use our imaginations to solve problems and challenge ourselves.  No ‘lazy lumps’ here.  We know that hard work and practise will help us to make progress and that we will make mistakes along the way.  Which is great !  We know that we need to have a cognitive wobble, that we need to be brave and ‘have-a-go' and jump into the Learning Pit when we need to learn something new.  Then, with practise, by seeking and listening to feedback, we can begin to make progress, we can begin to master the new skill and climb out of the Learning Pit.  Then we will be ready to jump in again …and learn the next new thing.

  Welcome to Autumn Term 2020

Heroes and Villains



Today, 1st October 2020, it is World Poetry Day. We have been listening to Michael Rosen read his poem

These Are The Hands

Then the children added some lines are their own - thinking about how someone cares and looks after them... Some lovely ideas on here I'm sure you'll agree?


Be a 'walk to school' Superhero! 

“ Win prizes and get Maptastic on Walk to School Week’

As part of Walk to School Month staring October 5th, we at Plymotion are asking you to take photos of your walk to school or use your new school walking map and show us you playing the games on back of the school walking map. Upload the photos or any creative writing/drawing about your walk or personalising the school map with extra places marked that your children like on their journey to school. Use Facebook or Twitter to tag the photo to @plymotion or email it to and the best ones will be tweeted throughout the month. We will announce the winners throughout the month.”

See below for Ideas and a map...& Good Luck - Have fun !



We have been 'Working Scientifically' - just like real scientists...

 Our BIG question was ...

How clean are your hands?


We made our predictions

We planned our experiment

We worked out a 'safe' method

then we tested our hypothesis  (ideas) by conducting our experiment...

 Ask the children to explain how we did it...

We then introduced some ‘variables’ to test to see what the most effective way to clean our hands was.

We washed our(gloved) hands in cold water

We washed our (gloved) hands in cold water, but used soap

We washed our (gloved)  hands in warm water and finally

We washed out (gloved) hands in warm water with soap

 Ask the children … What was the most effective way to wash our hands?

 We have today recorded the observations of how dirty our hands were and will be collating each group's data for analysis.

 I wonder if our results will 'support our predictions' or whether we will 'discover' something new?

Either way we had fun !

Just look at the photos below...