Years 3/4 - 3/4F

Welcome to 3/4F

Its so exciting, there is so much to learn !

 We are ‘reaching for the stars’ in 3/4F ! 

But we are not there yet…

 We are ambitious, explorers who persevere and work collaboratively.  We are prepared to use our imaginations to solve problems and challenge ourselves.  No ‘lazy lumps’ here.  We know that hard work and practise will help us to make progress and that we will make mistakes along the way.  Which is great !  We know that we need to have a cognitive wobble, that we need to be brave and ‘have-a-go' and jump into the Learning Pit when we need to learn something new.  Then, with practise, by seeking and listening to feedback, we can begin to make progress, we can begin to master the new skill and climb out of the Learning Pit.  Then we will be ready to jump in again …and learn the next new thing.


Welcome to Autumn Term 2   2020


Our Topic this term is 'Fallen Fields'


This term our topic, ‘Fallen Fields’, continues to look at heroes, but we will be moving on to focus on ‘the fallen heroes’, specifically of the events of World War 1.

We will be using Stubby by Michael Foreman and Poppy Field by Michael Murporgo, which is also illustrated by Michael Foreman, as our key learning texts but will also be looking at Paint me a Poem by Grace Nicholas, as we consider the relationship between art and poetry.

In the Fallen Fields project, your child will start by listening to an audio recording of a soldier leaving for war. Using inspiring illustrations, they'll write diary entries from the perspectives of characters affected by the war. They will delve into the causes of the First World War and produce a newspaper report. Their research skills will help them to find out which countries were the Central Powers, which were the Allied Powers and which were neutral. They will order significant events and decide who were the most influential figures of the First World War. After researching devastating battles, they’ll write short stories from the viewpoints of British soldiers. They will read wartime poetry and examine artwork to pick out evocative imagery and thought-provoking themes.


WOW ! What a day...5th November 2020 WW1 came crashing into our class as Mrs Farleigh was 'gassed'... just like many of the soldiers during the war. John Sargent is a very famous wartime artist and we looked at his painting called 'Gassed' and at the illustrations in our key text Stubby, by Michael Foreman, before beginning our very own wartime works of art. Some of the children even had a go at imagining what it would have been like…walking in line, blinded and wounded, trying to get back to a safe place. We used water colours to make a ‘wash’ for the background - it looked rather like a night sky light up by fireworks, rather timely  We will be working on the mid-ground and the fore ground next week, using a variety of other media such as pastels and charcoal. I think they were all inspired and enjoyed painting.