Year 4/Year 5 - 4/5B

Welcome to 45 SB!

Our topic: I am warrior! 

This term we are learning about the Roman Invasion of Britain. We will find out how Romans and Celts did battle and what their daily lives were like. 

This is a fun and exciting project.  We are planning a Roman Day at the end of October.   Children might enjoy dressing up as a Roman for the day especially as they will be planning and preparing a Roman Feast!

A good costume could be a toga (made from a sheet) or an oversized t-shirt with a belt. 

Mental Wellbeing

  •       Going back to school this time is going to be difficult because school has been so disrupted by the lockdown.  We are going to spend time supporting children to make a smooth and happy return to school.   As part of this we will focus on supporting children’s mental wellbeing through:
  •       Understanding Covid-19
  •       Understanding protective measures (handwashing, not mixing bubbles etc)
  •       Social and friendship skills
  •       Self-care skills

 Maths and English

Children have missed out on a lot of lessons over the last few months.  This means that they may not have made the progress we hoped they would.  This term we will focus on catching up as quickly as possible. 

However, we will always put their mental health and wellbeing first.

If your child is worried or anxious about school or about their work, please let us know as soon as possible.



You can send messages via class dojo or if you need to see Mr Bright or Miss Summers, you can arrange an appointment by telephoning the school office (01752 567681). 


Our PE day is Monday.  Please make sure your child wears their PE kit to school on that day.


We will set weekly homework activities on class dojo. 

Reading books

Your child will bring home a reading book.  This is for them to enjoy reading at home.  When they have finished it, they should bring it back to school to change it.  They do not have to bring it in every day. 

They will have another book kept in school to read.


This term is going to challenge us all in lots of ways but together we will make sure that Marlborough Primary School is a safe and happy place to learn. 


From the Year 45 SB team: Mr Bright, Miss Summers and Mrs Kevern.