Year 4 & Year 5

A warm welcome to Year 4 & Year 5: Class 4/5B
Friday 20th March
Now that school has closed to help stop the corona virus, children could be at home for some time.
I've made a pack of work for Children from 45B.  
  • A dragon project
  • Some writing ideas
  • Daily maths questions
  • Maths practice
  • Reading and questions
This pack should give them plenty to do during the next week.  
They also have a lined book and a squared paper book.  
Children should use these to do their daily writing and maths work throughout the weeks after the Easter break.
I'll be using this website, Purple Mash (the online learning platform) and Class Dojo to keep in touch. 
If you have any problems or concerns you can contact me via email, Dojo or by telephoning the school office. 
I have really enjoyed teaching this class and I wish you all the best in the coming weeks.  I hope that we're all back together before too long.  
Mr Bright
Stop your child falling behind while they are away from school. 
Have them do these three things every day.
1. Read for 20+ minutes
2. Write for 20+ minutes
3. Daily maths for 20+ minute
After the Easter Break, check the website for daily writing ideas and maths.