Sycamore Class (Year 4/Year5)

Sycamore Class 
A very warm welcome to Sycamore Class's Page.
We are very much looking forward to all our learning this term.  
Class Teachers: Mr Bright (am) and Miss Summers (pm)
This term, our topic is 'Fire damps and Davy Lamps'.  

This topic has been chosen because it gives us the opportunity to learn about local history- developing children’s understanding of our local area through time. 

Learning about children’s lives in the past will enable children to use research and empathy to compare with their own lives and how our expectations of childhood have changed over the years. The topic is about the developments in the coal mining industry and is relevant to current affairs relating to climate change.

In this topic, children learn about the history of coal mining from the Industrial Revolution to the present day. This topic will be linked to previous learning about pollution and the need to find cleaner sources of fuel.




Pit Boy – Gordon Attewell

You Wouldn't Want to Be a Victorian Miner! – John Malam


Firedamps & Davy Lamps Vocabulary





Davy Lamp


fossil fuel


General strike


Industrial revolution


natural gas


non-renewable energy


renewable energy