Little Willows (EYFS/Year 1)

Welcome to Little Willows

Our class is a mixed of Reception and Year 1 classes with all the Reception children and some of the Year 1s. We have 21 lively children who are full of energy and ready to learn, both indoors and outdoors. 

This year we are very lucky to have Mrs. White, our teaching assistant, who throughout the year, ensures we are supported with our learning at all times.

On this page we will be putting information about our learning, lots of pictures, newsletters and some useful information to support children’s learning at home.

We hope you have fun looking at things we have been up to!


Summer 1

Welcome back! We hope you all had a lovely and relaxed Easter break. This half term, we will continue with our walk outdoor, following children well known interest in bugs. We will encourage children to investigate and ask questions about minibeasts and their habitats. We will start by carrying out a minibeast safari! Children will particularly explore the cycle of the butterfly by having their own caterpillar to look after! Shh... it is a surprise!

In our literacy sessions, we will retell stories and write fact card about our chosen minibeast. In our maths sessions, we’ll predict and count ladybird spots and compare the lengths of caterpillars made from cubes, counters and beads.

Spring 2

Welcome back to school. We hope you all managed a restful break and the children had the opportunity to ‘recharge’. This term's project is called 'Let's Explore!' . It follows children’s natural interest in the outdoor. It provides lots of opportunities for outdoor learning and teaches children how to care for the plants and animals in their local environment. Children will have the opportunities to observe and identify plants and animals, and appreciate the wonder of the natural environment.   Children will explore the sensory world of plants and the environment.

Spring 1

During his term we will be exploring two themes that are closely linked. Night, dark and winter. With this projects called Starry Night and ‘Winter Wonderland’, our children will have the opportunity to explore the differences in the world at night compared to during the day, and they will link their learning to the changes they can observe during the winter, like having darker and shorter days. Our story books were carefully chosen to drive this topic and enthuse children to find out about things that might happen in the night. It was chosen, amongst other reasons, as a vehicle to explore a common fear of, for some children, the dark. 

Autumn 2

In the Once Upon a Time project, children will be introduced to the wonderful world of traditional stories. This project supports children to develop a love of stories and reading. It encourages children to learn, retell and act out familiar and traditional tales including Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Gingerbread Man, Three little Pigs. We will also look at the celebrations that take place during the autumn and winter seasons, and focus on the significance and symbolism of light at this time of year.


Autumn 1

Our first topic this year will be Me and My Community This project supports children with settling into the new rules and routines of school and encourages them to make new friends and feel confident in their class. It teaches children about being helpful, kind and thoughtful at home and at school. This project also teaches children how they are unique and special and how people in their family, school and local community are important and can help them. They will explore the school grounds and find out about all the people in school who are there to help them.