Moth To A Flame Project

7th June 2021
Moth To A Flame Project - Summer 2 2021
We are very excited to be taking part in the Moths to a Flame Art Project, starting on the week beginning 7th June 2021. This project springs from the desire to respond with creativity to the climate emergency. When we act on our own, our actions can feel too small, when we act as communities, we can make a real difference.
During the week beginning the 7th June, we will have a Moth Kit in school. This will safely attract moths to it overnight. The children will have the opportunity  to observe and identify moths collected.

The children are going to be making moths out of milk bottles, which will form part of an art installation that will be displayed in Glasgow from 1st - 12th November 2021 at the United Nations Conference on Climate Change - COP26, which will be attended by the main world leaders.

The children will also be able to write messages to world leaders about Climate Change and the need for them to make the right decisions for the future of our planet. This is an amazing opportunity for our voices to be heard.

All of us who care about responding to the climate emergency know that COP26 marks an important moment in global politics. This artwork allows us all to make a mark, have our say, show our willingness for action and bring a bit of beauty to COP26.