Feedback from Parents at Marlborough - January 2021

Feedback from Parents January 2021

I wanted to share some of the comments we have had from parents and children at Marlborough. It helps to lift us, when we too are finding life tough or having down days, acting as a reminder that we are having a real positive impact on the lives of the families and communities we serve. We all like to hear positive feedback, but also constructive comments are welcome too. I am very proud of the team at Marlborough.


‘I want to say how amazing the staff have been during this difficult time. They only had a few hours to make sure our children had work the next day when the Prime Minister said that schools have to close. The work has been great. The school have set up Zoom classes for our children and are teaching them through these everyday. The staff are always on hand on Class Dojo to help with anything we need. They have been amazing. Thank you so much.’ - Year 3 and Year 5 Parent


‘I want to say you all as a school have gone above and beyond. Especially as we have had to self isolate due to our family having Covid-19. You have all made sure our girls have their learning packs each week and also have the lunch hamper. If we have had any issues or anything, you have all been here for us, either on the phone or Class Dojo. The Zoom calls are very easy and it’s definitely been cheering up the girls. I love the fact that each week there’s a virtual class achiever of the week assembly and seeing your child’s face so happy that they have got it while home learning is brilliant. We’re honestly so happy and thankful as a family with how the school and staff have dealt with this very crazy time.’ – Year 1 and Year 4 Parent