Daily Routine

Dear Parents                                                                               

  •        There are 5 Class ‘Bubbles’. They enter and exit the school site at different entrances to reduce the mixing between ‘Bubbles’ or between parents coming to the site.

5 Class Bubbles

Drop-off/Collection point

Drop-off Time

Collection Time



Foundation - F/1P



Year 1 - F/1P

Foundation Gate



Foundation Gate

9.00 am



8.45 am

2.50 pm



2.50 pm


Mrs Perez

Mrs White

Miss Vince

Year 2 – 2M & Little Oaks

Red Fire Door (Morice Square)

8.45 am

2.50 pm

Miss Millar

Ms Totterdell

Miss Barrows

Mrs Clouter

Year 3/4F

Playground bottom Gate

8.45 am

3.00 pm

Mrs Farleigh

Mrs Dolmore

Year 4/5B

Main Reception Door

8.45 am

3.00 pm

Mr Bright

Mrs Kevern

Miss Summers

Year 6D

Main Playground Gate

8.45 am

3.00 pm

Mr Dore

Mrs Lewis

           Please note the drop off location and drop off and pick up times.


  •        Children will remain in their Class ‘Bubble’ and there will be no mixing of children across Bubbles, however at times staff will move across Bubbles in order to deliver intervention ‘catch up’ programs (as stated in the Government guidance).
  •        The children will be told about all aspects of safety appropriate to them as part of the induction sessions in September, in a way that does not scare them but highlights the importance for their and others safety – hand washing, use of resources, using the toilet, use of hand sanitiser, use of tissues and when they cough or sneeze.
  •        Each child will have a zip folder with their own resources. The zip folder will have their name labelled on it and is solely for their use.
  •        A member of staff for the ‘Bubble’ will ask the parent dropping the child off 3 questions to ascertain that the child and those living in their household are well and symptom free from Covid19 and have not been in contact with anyone who has had a positive test or symptoms. The staff member at the entry point will be wearing PPE (face mask).
  •        Staff in the Bubbles will not wear PPE in class, unless they are having to support a child with intimate care or first aid.
  •        The entry points will have marked 1 metre spaces for parents to wait at while the children are coming into school.
  •        On entry all children will be directed to wash their hands.
  •        The use of handwashing will be done before and after eating.
  •        Hand sanitisers will be located in each classroom and children will be directed to use this throughout sessions prior to and after using any resources.
  •        Children will be required to wear school uniform.
  •        On PE days children should come to school in PE kit – They can wear a tracksuit/jogging bottoms/sweatshirt in order to be warm on colder days (PE Sessions will start w/b 14th September). We will send home details of your child’s PE day next week.
  •        Toilet access – All ‘Bubbles’ will use different toilet facilities. Children will be accompanied to the toilet area by a staff member from the ‘Bubble’ to ensure that children wash their hands thoroughly after use. A wipe down of toilet flushes and taps will need to be carried out after every use.
  •        Break times – the children will remain with their ‘Bubble’ during break times and in any outdoor learning activities. All ‘Bubbles’ will use separate exits to the playground area.
  •        All children who entitled to a Free School Meal will be given a school packed lunch.
  •        All children who are entitled to Universal Free School Meals (Reception & KS1) will be given a school packed lunch.
  •        Visitors will only be permitted on site when prior arrangements have been made. All visitors will be required to leave contact details.
  •        Deliveries will come to the main Reception area only and those entering the building will be reminded to adhere to social distancing prior to being admitted.
  •        If a child or adult becomes unwell with Covid19 symptoms during the school day, they will be taken to the ‘isolation space’ room to wait to go home. Staff supporting a child or adult with symptoms will put on appropriate PPE, while waiting for collection. Parents collecting a child with symptoms will be told that they need to self-isolate as a household and arrange a test for their child.
  •        Cleaning and wiping down of surfaces will be undertaken throughout the day in each bubble and a thorough clean of all areas used will be done at the end of each day


If you have any questions or queries about any of this, please don’t hesitate to contact me on Class Dojo, or by calling the school office on 567681.

Thank you for all your support.

Miss Summers