Computing - National Curriculum 2014

The ability to use Computing effectively is an important life skill in modern society. It is the responsibility of the school to meet the curriculum requirements and also to equip children with a broad understanding of Computung capabilities. The effective use of Computing provides a stimulating, powerful and flexible tool to enhance children’s learning across the spectrum of the national curriculum.

Our aim is to teach children to be confident and effective users of Computing.             

The curriculum activities taught will:
• help children to use ICT with purpose and enjoyment.
• help children develop the necessary skills to exploit the potential of ICT.
• extend the range of learning environments and depth of experiences available to pupils.
• enable children to make decisions about when it is appropriate to use ICT in their work.
• provide opportunities to explore, evaluate and solve problems.
• encourage the use of ICT to research and access information.
• enable children to communicate with others both within the school and beyond.

Every classroom in the school has an interactive white board for everyday use by the class teacher and for children under supervision. In every class children have access to at least 2 class computers, which are linked to the school server and the internet.The school recently invested in 30 new lap tops; 15 for KS2 and 15 for KS1. Classes are timetabled to have access to the lap tops during the course of a week. The use of lap tops in class encourages their cross curricular use.

Internet and e-mail safeguards
Every computer on the school network has filtered Internet access provided by SWGfl to minimise the risk of children accessing unsuitable sites on the Internet or inadvertently downloading viruses.  Children will not be permitted to access the Internet unless a teacher, teaching assistant or an adult who has been approved by the teacher, is aware they are doing so and is present in the room.  E-mail and Internet safety is taught to children in Year Six and some children use monitored individual email accounts (mostly in year six).  Children will be taught about their responsibilities when accessing the Internet or using e-mail.

The School Web site
A school web site has been developed by the co-ordinator and can be found at.

The web site promotes the school, celebrates children’s achievement and provides children with the opportunity to display their work on the Internet.   A strict policy of Internet safety is observed when posting information onto the Internet.  Children’s surnames and contact information are never provided.  Children’s photographs are only used with parents or guardians written consent. ( Please see appropriate school policies in this area.)