After School Club

The club meet in the library each day from 3 until 5pm.

Janet Kevern is in charge of the club, and arranges a variety of activities for children to take part in.  The children are offered a drink and a snack during the session. Children who attend the club may take part in other after school activities that the school organises as part of its extra- curricular commitment but parents would still be expected to pay in full for attendance at the after school care club. The charge is £5 per day, for all or part of a session. Children can attend as many or as few sessions as parents wish as long as this is paid for in advance. There is a £2 per session reduction for each subsequent child so that a family with two children at the club would pay £8 instead of £10 for an after school session from 3-5pm.

Please contact the school office to book your child in the club.