Year 5 & Year 6

A warm welcome to Class 5/6D
We are a class of 16 Year 6 and 7 Year 5 Pupils. Our class teacher is Mr Dore supported by Mrs Lewis as Teaching Assistant.
We are learning about the Second World War this term and our topic is entitled, 'Behind Enemy Lines'.
We have read 'The Shadow Cage' and have written our own stories based on the book.
We are now reading 'My War Diary' and will be writing our own diaries, as if we were a child during the wartime.
We try to use the 6 learning dispositions in all we do!
We try to be...
In our classroom, we have 'Learning Walls' for English and Maths that support our learning.
We have WAGOLLs (What A Good One Looks Like) that show us how to be successful. 
It's okay to make mistakes and have a 'wobble', as can learn from mistakes.