Year 1 & Year 2

Welcome to 1/2F

Its so exciting, there is so much to learn !

 We are ‘reaching for the stars’ in 1/2F ! 

But we are not there yet…

 We are ambitious, explorers who persevere and work collaboratively.  We are prepared to use our imaginations to solve problems and challenge ourselves.  No ‘lazy lumps’ here.  We know that hard work and practise will help us to make progress and that we will make mistakes along the way.  Which is great !  We know that we need to have a cognitive wobble, that we need to be brave and ‘have-a-go' and jump into the Learning Pit when we need to learn something new.  Then, with practise, by seeking and listening to feedback, we can begin to make progress, we can begin to master the new skill and climb out of the Learning Pit.  Then we will be ready to jump in again …and learn the next new thing.

17/10/2019 update : WOW !

What a wonderful way to end our Science Unit of Work with an ‘investigation’ into ‘Sensational Smoothies’.  We used our senses and our body parts to make a ‘healthy’ fruit smoothie. Thanks to Cater Ed, the company that provide our school dinners we held an investigation, testing whether we liked cow’s milk or coconut milk best and then we added our own selection of fruit.  We also used our senses and predicted what colour it would turn out after we mixed it. Finally, we could use our sense of 'taste' and most of us gave it a big thumbs up - but not everyone!  However, we did all agree that it was a fun way to end our first half term of being in 1/2F.  By the way, do you know what plant family a banana belongs to ... most people think it's a fruit - but it's not - it's actually a herb !

What an exciting term we have planned.  As well as celebrating World Poetry Day and Harvest Festival our learning will be inspired by the Topic of Me Myself and I and our key reading text of Augustus and his Smile.   We will be using our ‘senses’ to explore scientifically & creatively.  Asking ourselves questions like…

  • Who am I?
  • What do I look like?
  • What can I do?
  • What am I good at?
  • What do I need help with?
  • Where do I fit in at home, in school & in our community?
  • What do I need to do to be a good friend?
  • What makes me a good learner ?
  • What do I do if I’m stuck / need help to make progress? 

We will have lots to do and remember and as we are now a year older we will have to do more of it independently, including getting changed for PE and our Outdoor Learning sessions.

  • Mrs Brenda Farleigh


    I have worked here at Marlborough for over ten years and I know many of our families very well. Please catch me in the playground in the mornings with any information that may impact upon your child's ability to learn that day. Otherwise, please contact the Reception staff who will be happy to make an 'end of day' appointment for more private or longer conversations you may wish to have. I am always happy to help and it is only by working together, you, your child and I, that your child will reach their full potential. I'm also keen to get everyone connected to our Class Dojo, a great instant messaging service that allows you to see and hear what your child is learning in class.

Book Bags should be sent in Daily as we may be reading  any and every day of the week - because we love it...

Tuesdays children need clothes suitable for OUTDOOR  LEARNING, Wellingtons, long sleeved tops and sturdy trousers as well as a waterproof coat to protect us from the weather and potential stinging nettles.

Thursdays homework will be sent home and should be completed over the weekend.  It is likely to focus on some of the many spellings we have to learn this year and may provide an opportunity to consolidate an aspect of learning we have found tricky that week.  We are also very lucky to be able to access a cloud based learning platform called Purple Mash.  For those of you with internet access the children will be provided with a log on for this and we may set some homework here too.

Fridays is PE day, it is expected that all children have their own PE kits, clearly named and in a suitable bag. Please dress your children in clothing and footwear they can manage independently for example if they cannot do laces either provide Velcro, or teach them to tie the laces.  May I also remind you that only jewellery covered by our school policy should be worn – small stud earrings.  This is for your child’s safety.