Through our creative, thematic curriculum,  and with the implementation of the National Curriculum 2014, children are encouraged to take ownership of their learning.  Children develop a deep understanding of how they learn, and how they can develop learning habits to achieve their potential not just at school but throughout their lives.  

In each year group, we base a terms planning on a different theme to inspire and engage the children.  We teach the required subjects of the national curriculum as well as non-statutory subjects:
Literacy, Numeracy, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music, Religious Education, Physical Education (including swimming in KS2), Modern Foreign Languages (KS2) and Personal Social Health Education.

We utilize a cross curricular approach where appropriate links are made between subjects. Learning starts from the children’s own experiences. When planning for each term’s theme we organize visits and events to enrich and broaden children’s experiences. Children are encouraged to explore, use their imagination, persevere, accept challenge, questions, make links, problem solve, work with others as well as work independently, and to be reflective in their thinking.  Their natural inquisitiveness is nurtured in a safe environment, where we encourage children to take risks and learn from set backs, using them as opportunities for learning. 

We are developing the outside space into our ‘outdoor classroom’. We have a qualified ‘Forest School’ teacher in Year 2, who works with children from across the school each week.  This has had a huge impact on the engagement of pupils both during their outdoor learning sessions but also back in the classroom. All teachers take learning outside where appropriate to enrich children’s experiences.